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The Finest Hemp-Based Products in the World

It is important to know that all kind of CBD is not the same because hemp is not created equally. For Every premium brand of CBD, it is a must to remember that they should create quality products, keeping excellence at top of the priority list. It means that quality and excellence should never be compromised. We are creating this guidepost to understand how the finest quality hemp-based products can be made, and this is how we can make partnerships with the most qualified experts to achieve great quality and standards.

Making Partnership with the Best in the Business

We truly understand the fact that high-quality CBD products can only be created, when we make partnerships with the best in the business. That’s why we have a detailed and research-oriented process to select our partners. We tend to look for the best business minds in the industry to establish a long-term partnerships. We have also made partnerships with the extractors and farmers, who are considered one of the best in this field. These extractors and farmers are known for cultivating premium quality hemp-derived phytocannabinoids, which are also the cleanest of all.

MoDrops has a mission to develop great products with the essence of innovation, so our professional team makes sure that every material used in our products is not only tested in the lab, but its source is also meticulous. Our team not only works on improving the existing formulas, but they also give their 100% to test new formulas so that we can set the new roadmap for our quality and standards based on efficiency and efficacy. We even use Organic CBD salves and tinctures, which are certified by the USDA.

6-Steps followed by MoDrops to Produce the Best CBD Products

  1. Organic Farming Certified by USDA

We tend to use natural hemp’s proprietary strains in the creation of every single product of MoDrops, and these strains have a high amount of CBD. The U.S nutrient-rich soil is used by MoDrops to grow organic hemp, as we only use organic farms certified by the USDA.
We ensure that farmers must use innovative and advanced organic farming processes with our given guidelines. This strategy not only helps us to improve the quality of our strains, but also ensures that products made by MoDrops are great in quality, standards, and potency, achieving consistent performance.

  1. The Processing of Hemp Flower

Once harvesting is done, the plants are left for sometimes to get dried. When the drying process is completed, the buds are removed from these dried plants, and then sent for storage in an environment, where the client is controlled. These buds are also called flowers, and once they are stored, they are ready for use. We tend to make the best quality CBD Oil without using stems, seeds, leaves, etc. Like coffee goes through a grinding process before you can make a cup of fresh coffee, our flowers also go through a process, which is called the milling process.

  1. The Extraction Proprietary

We give a lot of attention and focus to our hemp extraction process, which is certified by the USDA, and our organic and milled hemp goes into this certified process. The next step is the purification of the oil through another process certified by the USDA. When this purification process is completed, the end result is CBD oil which has a honey color and is free from any kind of waxes, fats, pesticides, solvents, as well as, any other unnecessary compounds. The organic full spectrum tinctures are made by this full spectrum extracted oil, which is again USDA certified, and the percentage of THC in this oil is not more than 3%.

  1. The Removal of THC

The fourth step is the removal of THC. We tend to use USDA certified chromatography process for the removal of THC so that we can make broad-spectrum oil. It is vital to mention here that the process of removal is not only expensive but is also proprietary and unique in its approach. That’s why you don’t see these broad spectrum CBD products as common as CBD products are. We have lab reports proving the fact that our products come up with 0% TCH.

  1. The Product Development along with Manufacturing

We never compromise on the quality of our CBD products as we ensure to use high-quality and organic ingredients to manufacture these products in our state-of-the-art labs. Our formulation is as perfect as it can be because being a leading CBD brand in the United States, we don’t try to save costs by compromising on the quality of pour processes and ingredients. We have a production facility that is 20,000 square feet based on organic patterns in Fort Collins Colorado. We have got its registration from the USDA and FDA along with following the guidelines of cGMP.

  1. Lab testing from the Third-Party

We not only take pride in our own lab testing, but to keep things more clear and more transparent, every batch manufactured by MoDrops goes through lab testing from third parties. These third-party labs are ISO certified, and we are engaging with them to set a new roadmap for others in this industry. The most significant testing is received by every batch such as solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, potency, as well as, microbial. Every product comes with a QR code that can help you to track third-party lab testing and internal lab tests.

We Use Proprietary Nanoemulsion Technology

We are striving hard to use the latest technology with innovative processes to manufacture the finest hemp-based products for our valuable consumers, and the use of Proprietary Nanoemulsion Technology is one step in this direction.

Our Shipping is Carbon Natural

Once the product is harvested, extracted, and combined, we ensure to pack this oil in recyclable bottles. We not only focus on sustainability and environment-friendly activities in our manufacturing process, but we also believe in carbon natural shipping. For this purpose, we have joined hands with a non-profit organization named “Carbon Fund” which helps MoDrops to minimize its carbon footprint in any possible manner.