Certificate of Quality Assurance and Third-Party Lab Results

To ensure quality assurance of your product, please refer to the lot number or best by date located at the bottom of your product bottle. By clicking on the corresponding link below, you will be able to view both in-house and third-party lab results, which include details such as the date of manufacture, attributes (e.g. consistency and color), potencies, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and more. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply click on the lot number or best by date to access the lab results.

Bath Bombs

Lot Number: 21032-08
Lot Number: 21293-10
Lot Number: 21294-02
Lot Number: 21294-07
Lot Numbers: 22165-17 & 22164-17

CBD Sleep Gummies

Best By: 05/05/2024
Best By: 05/06/2024
Best By: 05/23/2024
Lot Number: 230111C
Lot Number: 230213A

10mg CBD Softgels

Lot Number: 21236A
Lot Number: 21309A
Lot Number: 21348A
Lot Number: 22013A
Best By: 09/25/2023
Lot Number: 220419B
Lot Number: 230116D

25mg CBD Softgels

Lot Number: 21147A
Lot Number: 21160A
Lot Number: 21217B
Lot Number: 21217A
Lot Number: 21235A
Lot Number: 21257A
Lot Number: 21305B
Lot Number: 21341A
Lot Number: 22039A
Lot Number: 22053A
Lot Number: 22074C
Best By: 06/07/2024
Best By: 09/23/2024
Lot Number: 3003
Lot Number: 6907
Lot Number: 7250
Lot Number: 221220A

Delta 9 THC Gummies

Best By: 05/06/2024
Lot Number: 221128A
Lot Number: 221114F

Organic CBD Gummies

Lot Number: J10SL01
Lot Number: J10SL02
Lot Number: J10SL03
Lot Number: 220062
Lot Number: 3001
Best By: 04/27/2024
Lot Number: 762

Organic CBD Massage Oil

Lot Number: 21357A
Lot Number: 22055A
Lot Number: 220823B
Lot Number: 221205A